Neon Chrome Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Neon Chrome mod apk is a game where you can go against the system. In this game you will fall into a completely different world, where people work like robots. All the soldiers live in an unrealistically large room, which is deprived of light. Here, everyone is well brainwashed to connect it to their system. But in this game you will become a hacker who hacks the system.

Gameplay Neon Chrome mod apk

In the game Neon Chrome mod you get the role of a hacker who does not agree with the overall system. Just a couple of years ago, almost all people were turned into robots and left nothing human in them except the shell. All the inhabitants of the earth were moved to an underground bunker, in which there is not even normal light. They were hooked up to a single system through which they were given instructions.

In the case of Neon Chrome hack, your heroine doesn’t like such a mockery of people and she will try to bring people back to their previous life. Only alone she can not cope, need your help. If you agree to unite risk, then right now start the game. The girl will take over all the computer work, all you need is to cope with the guards.

Features hacking Neon Chrome mod apk

The game Neon Chrome mod does not contain any features, although it is very attractive as it is. Here you will perform tasks not to get a reward, but to save humanity. By hacking the system, you can control people who first stop each other brainwashing in the Neon Chrome hack. After, you need to get rid of the guards and go to the main boss.


Neon Chrome mod is not an ordinary game enough to be worth your time. Here you will immediately get to know the beautiful, but daring heroine, who will tell you the sequence of actions. On someone else’s territory, you need to be very careful, because you even have no idea what awaits you. Launch the game now!

The game Neon Chrome hack is very easy to install, everyone can handle it. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes the system will be hacked, get ready!

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