Ninja Tobu Mod (Premium, No Ads) + Apk for Android

Ninja Tobu mod apk is a very non-standard and complex arcade platformer in which you need to help the ninja to overcome all the obstacles on the way up, avoiding opponents and traps. Do this, of course, you will be in the corporate style of the ninja! So get ready to perform a variety of tricks in the air to go through all the stages and achieve an absolute victory in all the tests and at all levels of this game.

Gameplay Ninja Tobu mod apk

The very process of playing Ninja Tobu mod is pretty simple, and it consists in jumping between different hedges to constantly move up. To do this, just choose the direction of movement, and jump over obstacles. Complexity in the game will begin exactly at the moment when you will be hindered by thorns and other traps, as well as numerous opponents who only need one shot to finish the game!

In Ninja Tobu hack there are two game modes – normal and test mode. In the second, you really expect difficult tasks, which are incredibly difficult to go through, but you can. In any case, all levels in the game are generated quite by accident, so do not even expect to easily re-run the stage, knowing the location of all the traps in the previous passage!

Features of hacking Ninja Tobu mod apk

Ninja Tobu mod does just two things that differentiate the game with a modification from the original. First of all, it gives you free premium access to all gaming opportunities, which allows you to get even more fun from the game. Well, disabling all advertising in Ninja Tobu hack is also very useful for your nerves.

The result

Ninja Tobu mod is an interesting platformer where you play as a ninja, who needs to overcome a huge number of opponents and achieve their goal at each level, which is generated randomly.

Download Ninja Tobu hack is free, like all other games on this site. You can download both the original and the modification, which will give you free premium access without any restrictions or additional conditions.

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