Oily Man Mod + Apk for Android

Oily Man mod apk – a game where you will save your hero from a big trouble. Once in Hell, the poor guy decides to make a deal with the devil to gain freedom. Only when he received the desired, did the character realize that these were not entirely favorable conditions for him. Now from being forced to pass the test to break the deal. Help the character cope with the tasks and return him to his old life.

Gameplay Oily Man mod apk

In the game Oily Man mod, you will help the hero avoid a burning cauldron in hell. In order not to meet the devil again and continue his life on earth, the character must pass a very difficult test. Together with him you must move along a thin path and avoid obstacles. If you fall, the game will be over for you. You will have several attempts to complete the level.

In the Oily Man hack you do not need any attributes, except for your fingers. The hero will move independently and you must follow all his movements. If there is a gap, then help your character to jump over it. Also be careful when cornering, there are an incredibly large number of them. Do not yawn, because at any moment there may be an obstacle!

Features hacking Oily Man mod apk

Although the game Oily Man mod and no features, it can get your attention. If everything seems simple and trivial to you, then first start the game. Here, each level will prepare for you a surprise that will lead you into a light shock. In case of successful completion of the level, you will receive a reward in Oily Man hack. Good luck in the game!


Oily Man mod – a seemingly simple game that not everyone will like. But if you like to walk on the edge and are willing to take risks, then this game is for you. Here the danger will be waiting for you at every step, and in any case you will have to deal with it. With your skills you can brag to your friends, it remains only to invite them into the game.

Everybody can afford to play Oily Man hack, because it is very easy to install. Take a mobile device or any gadget convenient for you and click on the install button. Have a nice game!

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