Once Upon a Tower Mod (Open) + Apk for Android

What to do if the long-awaited knight was never found in order to save the beautiful princess from the tower, where she is imprisoned? That’s right, the princess will arm herself and break through to freedom! Once Upon a Tower mod apk just tells you the story of one such princess, which is already tired of being in the dungeon and she wants to get out of it as soon as possible. You will have to help her in this difficult matter!

Gameplay Once Upon a Tower mod apk

Once Upon a Tower mod is a fun arcade game where you will travel down through crowds of enemies and bosses. You will play for the princess, but a very strong princess, who is armed with tools that can dig tunnels anywhere. Your task is to help him escape through dozens of levels filled with deadly traps and enemies. Avoid the first and fight the second to successfully get out into the wild!

Once Upon a Tower hack, you will also encounter fights with bosses, which you still have to try to get through. The main boss is, of course, the dragon who guarded you and will not particularly look at how you flee. So it’s time to destroy it, so that nothing prevented you from saving yourself!

Features hacking Once Upon a Tower mod apk

With the help of the modification for Once Upon a Tower mod, you simply open all the game levels and features. Actually, nothing more is needed in the game, since everything can be achieved independently. You need to be only attentive and quick, so that everything will work out for you Once Upon a Tower hack!


Once Upon a Tower mod is a fairy tale that turns the princess herself into a kind of knight who had to go through all the trials. Try to escape from this nightmarish place, defeating all opponents, including the evil dragon!

Once Upon A Tower hack, you can always download the hack to your mobile device for free, so that you can return to the game at any time and complete several more difficult levels. Play without any restrictions anywhere, enjoying every minute spent in the game!

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