PAC-MAN Hats 2 Mod (Premium, Money) + Apk for Android

PAC-MAN Hats 2 mod apk is another spiritual heir to the legendary arcade game where you control a yellow circle that eats white dots in its path and runs away from the omnipresent ghosts. Actually, you will have to do the same thing in this game, going through completely new levels, where there are difficulties and unique labyrinths. If you can go through all the difficulties and earn a huge amount of points for it, then so close to the championship rankings!

Gameplay PAC-MAN Hats 2 mod apk

In PAC-MAN Hats 2 mod process remains the same. Your task is to “eat” all the white dots in the mazes, controlling the yellow character. You will have only one danger – ghosts, which are usually given a few pieces per level. You need to avoid them in every way until you get a certain bonus, which makes them vulnerable. It is this bonus that gives you a chance to earn more points, because each ghost eaten in this way is a lot of points at a time!

In PAC-MAN Hats 2 hack there are a large number of different levels, which differ not only in their construction, but also in conditions. With each completed level will increase the number of bonuses and elements, as well as ghosts.

Features hacking PAC-MAN Hats 2 mod apk

With the help of modifications for PAC-MAN Hats 2 mod, you can get free premium status and more! Take advantage of this opportunity to earn extra play money, which can always be spent on various improvements in the PAC-MAN Hats 2 hack.


PAC-MAN Hats 2 mod is an interesting game with a classic gameplay, which will appeal to both new players and confident “old men”, who in their childhood did not play enough of the original and want supplements. Just here it is available in the form of new levels and opportunities, which were not in the first part!

To download PAC-MAN Hats 2 hack to your mobile device, you just need to follow the links and download all the installation files for free. Also, a modification is available to you free of charge, which you can use without restrictions!

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