Paper Toss Boss Mod + Apk for Android

Paper Toss Boss mod apk is a fun arcade game where you have to show your master class to the whole office, demonstrating unusual skills in throwing crumpled paper into trash cans. You might even want to take part in a special championship, where the best employee who showed perfect results can even claim universal praise from all office workers, including your boss!

Gameplay Paper Toss Boss mod apk

In fact, Paper Toss Boss mod is a regular arcade game where you need to correctly calculate the throwing force and direction in order to get exactly into the trash can. With each new throw, the location of the basket relative to you will change, so you have to redefine all the parameters in order to score maximum points and proceed to the next stage with peace of mind.

In Paper Toss Boss hack you have to go through many levels before you can declare yourself to the whole world. The game is counting your points and achievements, so if you want to get into the ranking, you will have to hone your skills and try very hard. After all, thanks to the hard training you will become the real king of the office!

Features hacking Paper Toss Boss mod apk

Even for Paper Toss Boss mod has its own modification, which will greatly simplify the gameplay for you. If you really only want to win and use all the gaming capabilities at once, and not to achieve everything yourself, then choose this version of Paper Toss Boss hack. You will definitely get what you want!


In Paper Toss Boss mod you will be offered a variety of tests. Here you can test your strength and try to defeat any players that impede your promotion up the ranking list. In any case, you will have fun from the process of the game!

As always, you can easily download Paper Toss Boss hack if you simply use the links on this site, which allow you to download the full version to your mobile device. Play the original, or choose a modification to simplify your passing game!

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