Path Through the Forest Mod (Miscellaneous) + Apk for Android

Path Through the Forest mod apk is a very unusual puzzle game that combines puzzles and incredible adventures in a fairytale forest. Actually, the essence of the game is just indicated in the title – you need to help the main character overcome all the difficulties on the way to his goal. Do everything necessary so that he can get to where he needs, and the reward does not keep him waiting for his hero. Are you ready for the test?

Gameplay Path Through the Forest mod apk

The whole process of playing Path Through the Forest mod is to overcome various obstacles, moving from one portal to another. You will travel on platforms where it is important not to fall to the bottom. Control of the game is quite simple – click on the place where you want to move the main character, and look at his movements. But remember, he is not all-powerful, so you must take care that he can get to his destination!

In Path Through the Forest hack there are also various puzzles that need to be put together to go to the next level. You will need to properly manage your resources in order to pave the way to the next portal and not to be left without them at a difficult moment.

Features hacking Path Through the Forest mod apk

Modification for Path Through the Forest mod has very non-standard features. It does not really help in the passage of the game, but it does provide access to various things and looks of the main character. So if you don’t want to pay for all this, then it’s better to download this version of Path Through the Forest hack than the original!


Path Through the Forest mod is an interesting adventure game where not only adventures are important, but also puzzles. After all, you will have to solve them in order to overcome this difficult path and help the main character achieve his goal.

Download Path Through the Forest hack free of charge to your mobile device and play at your leisure without any restrictions. You can also download a modification to open access to paid things without spending a single penny.

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