Pigeon Pop Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Pigeon Pop mod apk is a very unusual arcade game in which you control a random bird that wants to taste various tasty grains. You have to feed her, because not all edible grain, and that the bird is not poisoned, it is necessary to control all its actions. Get ready, because not all levels in this game will be simple, but you need to go through all of them to earn the main reward – high ratings and primacy among other players!

Gameplay Pigeon Pop mod apk

Pigeon Pop mod offers you a very simple gameplay, which even a baby can figure out! The essence of the game is only to press the screen in time when the bird’s beak is above the edible grain or worm. If you accidentally fall into a bad grain, which is marked in dark color, the level will be failed, and you will have to go through this stage of the game again.

Thus, you have to overcome a huge number of levels in Pigeon Pop hack. With each such level, the complexity of the game will only grow. This is expressed not only in an increase in the speed of rotation of the fetus, but also in the number of stages when another one is hidden behind one grain line. In any case, do not lose your guard, if you want to overcome all levels with maximum results!

Features hacking Pigeon Pop mod apk

Pigeon Pop mod will delight you not only with the possibility of a free download of a full-fledged game, but also with an interesting modification, the essence of which comes down to providing you with an infinite amount of play money. For them, you can purchase various bonuses and opportunities in Pigeon Pop hack without any restrictions!

The result

If you want a really relaxing arcade game with interesting levels and unusual surroundings, then Pigeon Pop mod is perfect for you. Simply enjoy the passage of each level, helping the bird to eat all the edible seeds!

As usual, downloading the Pigeon Pop hack on this site is easy. After all, a full version of the game will be available to you absolutely free at any time. Moreover, you will also be available modification for an infinite amount of money for your pleasure.

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