Pikes.io Brutal Squad Mod + Apk for Android

Pikes.io Brutal Squad mod apk is another interesting “io” arcade game where you can take part in unusual battles with other players, where your main weapon will be the peak! With its help, try to hit the enemy squares, but it is also important not to substitute yourself for a random or deliberate blow. In general, the main thing here is not victory, but the fun you get in the game!

Gameplay Pikes.io Brutal Squad mod apk

In Pikes.io Brutal Squad mod does not have an ultimate goal in the usual sense of the word. Here the whole process of the game is endless, so only according to your desire or in the case of the death of the character you can start all over again. Your task is to survive, while trying to destroy opponents with your whip, but at the same time be careful and careful so as not to substitute yourself under the blow.

In Pikes.io Brutal Squad hack, each defeated opponent or a selected square will increase the length of your weapon. They also contribute to the collection of points that determine your position at the level among other players. But even the best player can easily die and start all over again! So do not think that you are omnipotent, even if more than others scored points.

Features hacking Pikes.io Brutal Squad mod apk

Pikes.io Brutal Squad mod is a multiplayer game, so don’t expect any modifications. But the feature is the ability to play with other players without any restrictions! What does it mean? That you can play Pikes.io Brutal Squad hack wherever and whenever you want!


Pikes.io Brutal Squad mod is a very simple action arcade game that, with the presence of the Internet, allows you to pass the time for rather transient fights. The main thing is that no one and nothing distracts you from the process of the game, since here you need to be extremely attentive.

Download Pikes.io Brutal Squad hack can be absolutely free, just using the free links. They then allow you to get a full and current version of the game on your mobile device so that you can always play with other players!

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