Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

What will happen if you combine a shooter, zombies and the style of Maincraft? That’s right, it will be such a wonderful arcade shooter, like Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike mod apk. Here you will be transported to the amazing cubic world where the zombie invasion took place. In the role of one of the survivors, you have to fight with the most terrible monsters and save humanity from death. Travel to the most diverse locations, engage your entire huge arsenal and achieve the set goals at all costs!

Gameplay Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike mod apk

The essence of the whole game Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike mod is to defend some position from the hordes of zombies that they want to get there. Usually it’s some kind of house where the main character sat down. Your task will be to protect yourself from enemies, using not only all possible weapons, but also smartness. You will need to experience more than one wave of zombies in order to achieve victory and advance further in the levels.

If it’s hard for you to defeat another zombie attack, then you can use Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike hack, which will give you an inexhaustible source of game currency. With it you can pump your hero to the maximum and purchase the best weapons from the available samples. Well, is not it cool?

Features Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike mod apk

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike mod is a special “cubic” style, which, in combination with the setting of a zombie apocalypse, creates an amazing universe. The game itself, although it copies some zombie shooters, but still is quite original, so this, it can be said, is its main feature. On some realistic graphics in Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike hack is out of the question, but it’s still very enjoyable and interesting, despite the fact that the game is made in a pixelated cubic style.

The result

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike mod – this is a good and even unusual representative of its genre. It is worth playing at least to feel all its subtleties and only then decide for yourself whether it is worth playing in it or not.

Moreover, downloading a Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike hack can be completely free and free. In this case, as a bonus, you will receive an infinite source of game currency, which will help you in your crusade against the hordes of living dead.

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