Plague Inc Mod (Unlocked, infinite DNA) + Apk for Android

Plague Inc mod apk is an innovative plague that spreads around the world at the speed of light. Just a few minutes ago, it was brought out by scientists and it has already infected half of humanity. This infection adapts to everything, just to survive and kill everything in its path. If it is not stopped, then all of humanity will die out. Start the game and start saving right now!

Gameplay Plague Inc mod apk

In the game Plague Inc mod you have to save the world from the new plague, which very quickly infects everything around. For this, you need a serum that only you can develop. You only had immunity, which is able to resist this infection. Now you have a big responsibility, on which the fate of other people will depend.

The rate of spread of infection in Plague Inc hack, you can look at the map and marvel at it. Rather, start the game and get to work, before it is too late. You must fully concentrate on your task and perform it perfectly. Every minute more and more people will die, and you should try to stop it.

Features hacking Plague Inc mod apk

The game Plague Inc mod has a couple of features that should be highlighted. Here you will have a huge amount of DNA that you will use in your experiments. In addition, in the laboratory, initially everything will be open to you and you will be able to use it at any time during the breaking of the Plague Inc hack. You will have to save not one region, but the whole planet.


Plague Inc mod is a game where you have to complete an important mission. Now the fate of humanity depends on you and you will have to save it. The whole world faces a plague that kills in seconds. That you have to go to the laboratory and invent medicine. Invite your friends into the game and arrange competitions who could save everyone faster.

Download the game Plague Inc hack is very simple, there is no need to be a genius. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. Wait for the full load and you can start developing a medicine that will save the whole world.

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