Planet Gold Rush Mod + Apk for Android

Do you feel a constant lack of gold in games? But not in Planet Gold Rush mod apk! There is a real gold rush here, and you have a unique opportunity to join it and get simply the untold riches that these imaginary virtual lands contain. Start small and eventually you will build a whole city that will swim in luxury and become the most popular place on the planet. In the meantime, start mining the first gold bars right now!

Gameplay Planet Gold Rush mod apk

Planet Gold Rush hack begins with the fact that you become the owner of a small area on which you need to find and adjust the extraction of gold. First, only basic tools are at your disposal, but gradually you will master and discover new, more powerful equipment.

In addition, you have the opportunity to explore new lands in search of gold, and to improve the ways of mining and get even more gold! In the end, your goal in Planet Gold Rush mod will be the construction of a whole city, which will be the most desirable place among all the gold diggers of the world!

Features of Planet Gold Rush mod apk

Gameplay Planet Gold Rush hack is fairly simple, will learn to learn here teaching tasks. In general, the game is slow and measured, so you should not look for dynamics here.

Graphics in Planet Gold Rush mod beautiful and bright, in a cartoon style. The sound also does not lag behind the graphics and is at a perfectly acceptable level, and most importantly – it sounds nice and does not bother!

The result

What can I say about Planet Gold Rush hack. An excellent game for a fun pastime, but it does not have to wait for any dynamics. If you like town planning games or the quest for gold mines, then the game suits you perfectly.

Planet Gold Rush mod is a completely free game, so you can safely download it to your mobile device right now to immediately plunge into the amazing world of gold mining and build a chic city specializing in gold mining!

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