Pocket Clothier Mod (Money, Medals) + Apk for Android

Pocket Clothier mod apk is a great opportunity for all players to open their virtual clothing store and arrange its sale so that you always receive huge profits, and your customers will be satisfied with their purchases. Discover the whole world of shopping in which you can feel like a salesman and manager in one person. The main thing is to diversify the range of clothes, so that everyone can find exactly what he needs!

Gameplay Pocket Clothier mod apk

Your path to Pocket Clothier mod begins with the opening of a brand new store, where there is almost nothing. A little training will tell you about all the mechanics of the game, but as soon as it ends, you will have to make all the decisions yourself. Start with the arrangement of the store in order to have enough space to be able to locate as many varieties of clothing as possible. Then buy all the necessary clothes and expect the first buyers!

In Pocket Clothier hack, your only task is to get as much profit as possible. The more buyers you have, the more money you can earn! Money is needed in order to always have the opportunity to develop your store, making it more attractive to customers.

Features hacking Pocket Clothier mod apk

If you achieve everything on your own – this is not about you, then a modification is available for your Pocket Clothier mod, which simply gives you as much money as you need so that you have the best store in the virtual world right from the start. Play without limits in Pocket Clothier hack!


Pocket Clothier mod is a two-dimensional pixel simulator with strategy elements that will appeal to all novice businessmen. There are no detailed graphs and realistic management, but you will always find a good mood and a great pastime.

To download the Pocket Clothier hack to your mobile device, simply follow the links and download the version of the game that suits you best. If you do not want to save for each purchase, then simply download the modification and get a lot of money!

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