Pocket Mortys Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Help Rick Sanchez collect all the Morty from various universes and defeat the evil itself, which seeks, if not to conquer all the worlds, then at least to destroy them! Pocket Mortys mod apk is a classic role-playing game that in terms of gameplay is like a game about Pokemon, but its action takes you to the fantastic universe of a popular TV series, where you will experience more than one adventure again!

Gameplay Pocket Mortys mod apk

As already mentioned, Pocket Mortys mod is a clone of the classic Pokémon game, in which you will travel through various universes of the cartoon series and collect various Morty that possess their unique powers and abilities. The game consists of moving through virtual worlds and battles with other Morty, where they can be defeated only by using the available Morty’s abilities correctly!

Pocket Mortys hack will tell you a completely new story, in which your old friends Rick and Morty are embroiled. Here you will need to collect an entire army, consisting of various Morty, that came from other universes! All in order to defeat his enemy and not let him destroy the worlds!

Features hacking Pocket Mortys mod apk

A more comfortable game will contribute to a special modification for Pocket Mortys mod, which will make all game money endless. For them, you can purchase various bonuses and boosts that will help you in numerous battles breaking into Pocket Mortys hack, where you have to beat your enemies to go further!


Pocket Mortys mod perfectly complements the universe of the series “Rick and Morty”, offering you to plunge into the same insane adventure as in the original. Fight various Morty and gather them into one army, which will help you achieve your goal and defeat evil!

To go on such a fantastic journey, you just have to download the Pocket Mortys hack on your smartphone or tablet. And it will be very easy to do this, because on this site you can find a free full version of the game for you, without restrictions and conventions!

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