Pocket Rush Mod (Money) + Data + Apk for Android

Pocket Rush mod apk is a fun casual racing game that takes you to a very bright, but low poly 3D world where you will compete not only with computer opponents, but also real players. Collect a complete collection of various cars and try it on different tracks, where all you have to do is to win, leaving all your rivals behind you!

Gameplay Pocket Rush mod apk

In Pocket Rush mod is generally nothing complicated. Here, even the control is elementary and requires you to just press the screen to accelerate and lift your finger to slow down the car! So if you thought that your driving skills will be tested here, then you are mistaken. Here more useful is the ability to properly select a car for the tracks, and use acceleration and deceleration in time.

In the Pocket Rush hack you will be available not only different cars, but also different modes. The main, of course, are the career mode and multiplayer mode. In the first mode you will compete with computer rivals and earn cars, and in the second mode you will compete with players for rating places!

Features hacking Pocket Rush mod apk

Actually, all that provides you with a modification for Pocket Rush mod is an unlimited amount of play money! Thanks to them, you can easily assemble your collection of cars without any problems and maximally pump them for very easy victories in Pocket Rush hack. Play without limits in your favorite arcade!


Pocket Rush mod offers you a very simple race where you can relax, and not be constantly on your toes. Enjoy light, but very dynamic races, defeat your rivals and get rating points, which then determine your position in the rating.

Download Pocket Rush hack to your mobile device you can very easily. To do this, follow the links on the site to immediately start downloading the full version, not only in the original, but with a modification for money!

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