Pokémon GO Mod (Fake GPS) + Poke Radar + Apk for Android

Probably hard to find a person who has not heard about Pokémon GO mod apk. This game in the most direct sense conquered the whole world, forcing millions of people from around the world to go out and go in search of the most diverse Pokémon that only exist in this amazing and popular anime of the universe. Naturally, all Pokemon virtual, because the whole “game” occurs in augmented reality! So get ready for long walks to collect your collection of monsters.

Gameplay Pokémon GO mod apk

As already mentioned, Pokémon GO mod is a game in augmented reality. And this means that you will play in the real world, while actively using your mobile device, so that you can “see” the various things that are necessary for the game. Accordingly, to play it, you need a device that has a camera and a navigator, because without them it will be impossible to play.

The essence of the game is to move around the world and look for different Pokémon, so that they can “fight” with them. Defeating them, you will collect your own collection of these amazing monsters. The same battles are similar to those that were in numerous anime and games. Just throw them balls for catching to grab your Pokemon. Pokémon GO hack will help you perform the same actions, but without leaving home, thanks to tricks.

Graphics and sound Pokémon GO mod apk

No matter how it sounds funny, but the graphics in Pokémon GO mod – as in real life. After all, you use the real environment in which these fictional beings appear. All Pokémon are detailed in three-dimensional space and have the same design as the original monsters.

The soundtrack in the game, as such, is not like the sound. But instead of them you can enjoy the noise around you while traveling around the city. What is not a complete immersion in the gameplay Pokémon GO hack?

The result

Pokémon GO mod is quite an interesting idea and one of the first games in the genre of augmented reality. In this case, the game is very useful in physical development, because you need to move from Pokemon to Pokemon for their catching. And although Pokémon GO hack makes this task easier for you, it will also be useful to play the pure version!

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