Portable Dungeon 2 Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

Go on a long journey through the mysterious dungeons in Portable Dungeon 2 mod apk. This step-by-step role-playing game of the old school, which invites you to take part in an adventure full of dangers, riddles and valuable treasures. Create your unique hero and with him go all the way this difficult way, incidentally battling with numerous enemies and solving non-standard puzzles. Who knows what is behind the next portal, which leads to obscurity.

Gameplay Portable Dungeon 2 mod apk

Portable Dungeon 2 mod is a good role-playing game with a deep pumping system and a variety of tasks. You travel the game world in a step-by-step mode, which creates some semblance of tactics and the ability to avoid collisions with strong opponents. But otherwise the game has all the same advantages and disadvantages as the rest of the genre. Fight with opponents, using their characteristics and find different treasures that will make you richer and more powerful.

Separately, it’s worth mentioning Portable Dungeon 2 hack, which makes the game easier and allows you to purchase all the best equipment from the very beginning of the game. All because he provides you with an almost infinite amount of game currency, for which equipment is bought.

Features of Portable Dungeon 2 mod apk

Portable Dungeon 2 mod pays homage to the old role-playing games on the consoles. Even the graphics here are pixel and two-dimensional. The atmosphere in Portable Dungeon 2 hack is maintained at the highest level, which allows you to delve into what is happening and discover a completely new and unique world of dungeons.

The result

Portable Dungeon 2 mod – this is a great role-playing game, which is worth playing at your leisure, if there is no other entertainment. Especially the game will appeal to lovers of old role-playing games, so they definitely should not pass by.

Download both the original and Portable Dungeon 2 hack can be completely free of charge by reference. In the modification there is an infinite amount of game currency, which allows you to enjoy a full-fledged gameplay without restrictions.

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