Potion Explosion Mod + Apk for Android

Potion Explosion mod apk is a simple puzzle game in which you need to create different potions by combining multi-colored spheres. To do this, you have to solve the puzzle “three in a row”, so get ready for many exciting levels, during which you will complete these puzzles. Be patient, it will not be very easy to prepare the most difficult potions, but if you can – become the best player!

Gameplay Potion Explosion mod apk

Potion Explosion mod is a very simple gameplay, which consists of solving numerous puzzles. They just need to click on the spheres and collect them, while it is necessary that the elements are combinations of the same spheres. The more spheres in the combination, the more points you earn! In addition, you will be available to various bonuses, through which to pass the stages will be even easier!

During the Potion Explosion hack, the difficulty of potions will increase with each level, which also increases the difficulty of the game itself. So if you want really difficult trials, then you will definitely get them, but with time!

Features hacking Potion Explosion mod apk

In Potion Explosion mod there is a very interesting modification, which will greatly simplify your gameplay. It does not affect the multiplayer mode, but it does a lot of cool things to help you through the solitary puzzles that are very difficult in the final stages of Potion Explosion hack!


Potion Explosion mod is an interesting and very difficult puzzle game where you will brew various potions and solve puzzles “three in a row”. You can play alone or challenge other players in multiplayer mode. In general, here you are great and have fun!

Download Potion Explosion hack is completely free. To do this, simply follow the links and download the latest version of the game on your mobile device. Well, then – install and run the game to immediately begin to solve the many puzzles that it will provide you!

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