Power Hover Mod + Apk for Android

Power Hover mod apk – is a fun arcade game that takes you to the world of a distant future on a completely different planet. Here you will control the flying robots, which will travel through the vast deserts in search of batteries. Embark on a long journey through dozens of levels, hundreds of traps and an incredible amount of action, which you so missed. Will you be able to pass all obstacles and reach the finish line?

Gameplay Power Hover mod apk

Power Hover mod is an action arcade game that has a fairly simple gameplay, which consists in controlling a robot that travels on a flying board. Your task is to avoid obstacles, traps and mines, which are scattered all over the level. But the most important task is to collect the batteries, the number of which is indicated at your top of the screen.

In the Power Hover hack, the complexity of the game will only grow with each level, so if you think that the whole game is as simple as the first levels, then you are greatly mistaken. There will be plenty of tests for your reaction rate, so always be prepared for any difficulties. And there will be a lot of them here at each of the stages!

Features hacking Power Hover mod apk

In Power Hover mod is nothing that needs modification. So forget about free boosts and other dishonest tricks. Here you will achieve everything yourself, so just enjoy the original gameplay in the Power Hover hack and complete all the levels on your own!


Power Hover mod allows you to plunge into a fantastic world of adventure, where you will fight with other robots and go through numerous obstacles to collect all the batteries and win. Try to beat all levels and reach the final!

Download Power Hover hack on your mobile device, you can absolutely free and without any restrictions. Follow the links to start downloading the full version of the game on your mobile device and enjoy the gameplay wherever and whenever you want!

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