QB – a cube’s tale Mod + Apk for Android

QB – a cube’s tale mod apk – is a very interesting puzzle game where you have to strain all your logic to complete all levels successfully! Here you will need to look for a solution to the set of tasks that consist in moving the cube from point A to point B, while avoiding falls into the abyss. Think easy? Well, then get numerous obstacles in your path, which will not be as easy to remove as it seems!

Gameplay QB – a cube’s tale mod apk

In QB – a cube’s tale mod you just need to control the cube, moving it around the playing field. This is done by swiping across the screen, so here you shouldn’t have any particular problems. The problems themselves will begin as soon as you advance beyond the training levels. After all, besides the movement of the cube, you will also need to take care of traps and obstacles that may well prevent you from going through a certain stage.

Want a real challenge? Then simply endure simple levels in the QB – a cube’s tale hack to get them! The game is really able to throw a real challenge to your logic, because you get a minimum of hints and you will have to independently find a solution to one or another task in it!

Features hacking QB – a cube’s tale mod apk

Like any other similar puzzle, QB – a cube’s tale mod does not require any modifications. More precisely, you will have to find the solution of this or that problem yourself, since there is minimal help in the game. However, this is the whole essence of the game, so try to solve everything yourself in order to pump out erudition and logic in breaking QB – a cube’s tale hack!


QB – a cube’s tale mod is a whole world of amazing puzzles that you can solve without restrictions! Take the chance and try to go through all the trials and obstacles to prove at least to yourself that you are capable of solving even the most difficult tasks!

After all, there is nothing easier than downloading QB – a cube’s tale hack to your mobile device! Fortunately, you are not limited by anything and you can use the links for free to start downloading the full version of the game with all levels and capabilities.

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