Radiation Island Mod (Islands) + Data + Apk for Android

Radiation Island mod apk is another survival game where you will try to live as long as possible on a lost island that has been exposed to radioactive radiation due to an accident at a local power station. Embark on a dangerous journey around the island, which must be investigated for various things that can, if not save you, then at least kill your death from radiation or dangerous wild animals!

Gameplay Radiation Island mod apk

In Radiation Island mod, you have to try very hard to pull on this inhospitable island as long as possible. You will start without any things and will be forced to find everything yourself, searching each bush for resources or extracting them from various sources. Not everything is so safe on this island, because in addition to the devastating foci of radiation, you will also come across wild animals, which is not against you to eat.

In order to successfully survive in the Radiation Island hack, you will need numerous resources that you can find on the island. You can actively use them in the crafting system, thus creating not only new weapons, but also various structures that will become for you a reliable shelter.

Features hacking Radiation Island mod apk

In Radiation Island mod, there is more than one island hacking, but access to some is closed until a certain point. To remove these restrictions, you can download a modification for Radiation Island hack, which unlocks all the islands in the game, allowing you to navigate through them without any restrictions in search of rarer resources!


Radiation Island mod is an interesting game for lovers of various kinds of survival in a dangerous environment. Here your opponents will be not only wild beasts, but also hotbeds of radiation that can easily kill you, even if you are protected.

Download Radiation Island hack, along with the modification, you can absolutely free. Here you will find only the full version of the game with all the updates and additions that came out at the moment. In general, enjoy the gameplay without restrictions!

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