RAFT Original Survival Game Mod (Endless Food, Water) + Apk for Android

RAFT Original Survival Game mod apk is a very unusual survival simulator, which offers you, probably, the smallest land area, where the main actions of the game will take place. The thing is that you will have to survive on a raft alone, surrounded by hundreds of hungry sea creatures! Get ready for the most severe test where you have nowhere to hide and need to survive in every possible way!

Gameplay RAFT Original Survival Game mod apk

In the RAFT Original Survival Game mod is a very difficult gameplay where you need to survive on a small raft surrounded by a solid ocean. As you can see, from the resources you will have only those things that you can pick up on the water or under the water. You need to eat regularly in order not to die of hunger. To do this, hunt for marine life, then to eat caught fish.

Watch out for predators! In the cracking of the RAFT Original Survival Game hack, your enemies will be a variety of sharks, which every now and then will try to pounce on you and eat. You will be protected from them by various improvised means, including improvised weapons, such as harpoons!

Features hacking RAFT Original Survival Game mod apk

Do you want to just enjoy the game without difficult tests? This is easy to do with the modification for the RAFT Original Survival Game mod. It just makes all the food and water endless, allowing you to survive the RAFT Original Survival Game hack for as long as you want! Naturally, as long as you do not die from the teeth of sharks.


RAFT Original Survival Game mod is truly a non-standard survival simulator that will give you a new experience in this genre and allow you to enjoy a gorgeous view of the sea horizon. The main thing is not to stare too much and look around so that no shark can kill you!

Well, download RAFT Original Survival Game hack is very simple. Just select the appropriate version, follow the links and download the full version of the original game for free with or without modification to endless resources!

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