Retro Highway Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

Retro Highway mod apk – this is an opportunity to once again plunge into childhood and remember the old slot machines with different racing arcades. Here, too, you have to manage various vehicles and combat road traffic, which also strives to prevent you from traveling as far as possible and earning prize points. In general, before you is a typical runner, executed in the style of old pixel games on arcade machines!

Gameplay Retro Highway mod apk

Retro Highway mod is an arcade runner, where your goal is to drive as long as possible and on without getting in an accident. As you can see, the rules of the game are quite simple. All the difficulty is only in the traffic, which is so confused under your wheels. Moreover, over time, the speed of driving increases, so that less and less time is available to avoid accidents!

Fortunately you do not need to save more gold to open another treasured car for driving on endless roads! Retro Highway hack will provide you with a full unlimited game currency, so get everything you want without restrictions!

Features of Retro Highway mod apk

First of all, Retro Highway mod is remembered by its atmosphere, which repeats the spirit of those oldest arcade races on consoles or slot machines. In the rest, the game is a typical runner, the essence of which is to go as long as possible and earn thereby points. Graphics in Retro Highway hack pixel, but beautiful and bright.

The result

Retro Highway mod is a great way to indulge in nostalgia and simply poison yourself in a long journey along an endless highway. In general, the game is quite relaxing, which is especially important during the rest or travel. Especially worth noting is the amazing atmosphere, which literally imbued the whole game.

The most important thing is the free possibility to download Retro Highway hack in two versions: as a normal full copy of the licensed game, and a game with modification that adds to the game an infinite amount of game gold for buying a new vehicle in the game.

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