RETSNOM Mod + Apk for Android

RETSNOM mod apk is a game that will brighten your drab days. Here you will struggle with difficulties and get mirrors. All these actions you do with only one goal – to save his daughter. Unfortunately, she is infected with a dangerous virus that is slowly killing her. The only way to save it is to go to the future and ask the scientists for medicine. It sounds simple, but in fact you have to work hard.

Gameplay RETSNOM mod apk

In the game RETSNOM mod you will save your child, who is on the verge of life and death. Your planet has been swept up by a dangerous virus that is slowly killing children. Your daughter is on this list, but you are not going to give up so easily. Your colleagues suggested a way to save your blood, but at the same time you will have to risk yourself. You will need to go to the future to get the medicine.

RETSNOM hack will connect your hero to the drug, which will help him to move in time. As soon as he regains consciousness, he will see the laboratory. This is where he can find scientists and tell them about his problem. This will not be easy, because the local inhabitants are hiding with the help of mirrors. So if you see a mirror, then immediately touch it.

Features hacking RETSNOM mod apk

RETSNOM mod game does not need features, because even without them it is considered perfect. Here for each successfully completed task you will receive a reward that you can spend on your player. Be sure to pump your hero into the RETSNOM hack, because this is how you add strength to it. Be patient, because here you have to look for mirrors for a long time.


In the game RETSNOM mod, you will play the role of a loving father who is ready to do anything to save his daughter. He learned about his daughter’s illness while sitting at work and immediately began to act. He ended up in a world completely unfamiliar to him and is trying to find not only medicine, but also a way out. Help your player save his child and get a reward for it.

To go to the future you need to download the game RETSNOM hack. It is very easy to do this and everyone will cope with this task. Take any modern gadget and click on the install button. Start the game and start acting!

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