Revenge of Sultans Mod + Apk for Android

Multiplayer online game in the eastern style? And there is such a thing! In Revenge of Sultans mod apk you will be presented with a whole Arab world, where everyone can feel like a sultan, seizing more land and proclaiming the sultanate. But it will be very difficult to do this, because everyone wants to be a sultan! So each player will try to grab his piece of the world and create his own state on it. Keep up with you!

Gameplay Revenge of Sultans mod apk

In Revenge of Sultans mod uses a standard for the genre process of the game, which is to build a castle and defend it or siege the enemy. You will need to accumulate enough resources to turn a seedy place into the center of a future empire. It is also important to be able to maintain a powerful army, even if you do not plan on attacking anyone. After all, the defense in this game is as important as the attack!

In Revenge of Sultans hack you will compete with the whole world of players, but why not find allies among them? With them you will be able to withstand stronger opponents, as well as be able to call on their troops to protect their own castle. So it is not always beneficial to feud with other players!

Features hacking Revenge of Sultans mod apk

In Revenge of Sultans mod, you will try to achieve everything yourself, because you should not hope for any modifications. They are simply not there, so that all players are equal. Yes, and achieve the most much more interesting than using unfair reinforcements that upset the balance in the Revenge of Sultans hack!


Revenge of Sultans mod is an exciting online strategy with its particular oriental styling. Fight numerous enemies and try to stretch as long as possible, seizing more land and proclaiming your personal sultanate to them.

Download unlimited current version of Revenge of Sultans hack to your mobile device. The game is available to you completely free, so why not download it now and start your own journey in a world that lives by itself?

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