Riddlord: The Consequence Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Riddlord: The Consequence mod apk is a very atmospheric puzzle game, where you can travel to various locations full of various puzzles. You play the role of a detective who needs to put all puzzles together in order to find the criminal and put an end to his atrocities. The criminal has a sophisticated mind, so get ready to solve really challenging puzzles!

Gameplay Riddlord: The Consequence mod apk

Riddlord: The Consequence mod is a fairly simple gameplay that is tied to finding items and solving puzzles. Go from location to location, constantly looking for opportunities to solve puzzles that will open access to the next place and allow you to learn more about your opponent and about his unsolved crimes. In general, it is puzzles that will show you the way to it!

Breaking into Riddlord: The Consequence hack will delight you not only with challenging puzzles, but also with beautiful graphics, which, together with a beautiful soundtrack, create a unique game atmosphere. Also in the game there are many levels that you will be happy to pass.

Features hacking Riddlord: The Consequence mod apk

Unfortunately, Riddlord: The Consequence mod cannot offer you any modifications or additions. This means that you have nothing left but to enjoy the original gameplay. The blessing he is in the Riddlord: The Consequence hack is very interesting and fascinating, so the lack of modification will not affect your receiving positive emotions.


Riddlord: The Consequence mod is a great detective story with a fascinating storyline and interesting puzzles that you will have to solve over many levels and locations.

Discovering a world of mystery and mystery is quite simple. Download Riddlord: The Consequence hack on your mobile device, install it and run to plunge into this wonderful and atmospheric world. But the most important thing is the possibility to download the full version of the game completely free of charge!

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