Robin Hood Legends Mod + Apk for Android

Robin Hood Legends mod apk is a game where you will fight for justice. In a small town, the local sheriff raised housing fees, but residents refused to pay more. Then the sheriff got angry and decided to punish the people. Your task is to help people restore damage and take money from local government. Unlike real life, here you can do it easily.

Gameplay Robin Hood Legends mod apk

In the game Robin Hood Legends mod Robin Hood will be presented in the form of a young girl who will help you throughout the game. On the playing field you will see a map on which all events will take place. The locals will ask you for help themselves, so you won’t miss a single one. To assist, you will need to complete a small task.

In the Robin Hood Legends hack you need to move the shapes so that they create combinations. There is no need to combine them in one row, the main thing is that the three objects stand side by side. For example, connecting the bushes you get a tree. If you collect three trees, you can get a house. Also on the field you will see dried trees that will disturb you. In order to remove them, use the zipper, which you will find in the chest.

Features hacking Robin Hood Legends mod apk

The game Robin Hood Legends mod has no features, which does not prevent it from being very interesting. After all, here you will do good deeds and the people themselves will reward you. You will become a local hero, whom everyone will love to break into Robin Hood Legends hack. For earned coins you can buy tips that you will use during the game.


The colorful game Robin Hood Legends mod will appeal not only to adults but also to children. The game develops good thinking and helps to have a fun time. Also here you can talk with the local population, they themselves will start a dialogue. On your screen you will see special tasks, completing which you can move on.

To get the game Robin Hood Legends hack is very simple and most importantly free. To download the game you need to take any modern gadget and click on the install button. As soon as you start the game, you will immediately hear the invigorating music and the spirit of adventure will envelop you.

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