Run-A-Whale Mod + Apk for Android

Run-A-Whale mod apk is an incredibly funny three-dimensional arcade runner, where you will play for the unlucky captain, who was “lucky” to catch the whale himself. To be more precise, everything turned out exactly the opposite, and now you have to drag this captain over yourself, overcoming numerous difficulties in your path. The game has no ultimate goal, but still the whole point is to earn as many points as possible and enter the list of the best players!

Gameplay Run-A-Whale mod apk

In Run-A-Whale mod is easy and fun to play! You only need to click on the screen so that the whale can bypass obstacles in its path and successfully collect coins. In fact, all levels are endless, so you can complete them either at will, or in a collision with an obstacle. Although the main goal of the game is not, but there are small tasks, performing which you will increase your point multiplier.

In the Run-A-Whale hack, there is a score set that determines your position relative to other players around the world. If you want to take the lead, or at least enter the top ten, you will have to try very well, completing all the tasks and completing the levels as long as possible without losing!

Features hacking Run-A-Whale mod apk

You won’t find any modifications in Run-A-Whale mod, but you can play the paid version for free, where there are no ads and all levels and features are unlocked! So if you want to get more pleasure from the game, then play original Run-A-Whale hack, but with all the features!


Run-A-Whale mod allows you to enjoy the marine atmosphere and go through many fun levels, where it is important to quickly respond to all sorts of obstacles in order to successfully overcome them and earn a huge amount of points in the end.

To download the Run-A-Whale hack to your mobile device, all you need to do is click on the links and download the installation files. After installation, you will be available to a full and current version of the game without any restrictions!

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