Safari Smash Mod + Apk for Android

Want some fun? Then try another addition to the puzzle games! Safari Smash mod apk allows you to play a fun and exciting puzzle game “three in a row” that will delight you for more than a dozen levels. You have a lot of work to do before you can revive a wonderful safari park where the cutest and kindest animals on the planet live! And, of course, all actions will be accompanied by puzzles!

Gameplay Safari Smash mod apk

Actually, Safari Smash mod is an excellent puzzle game where you have to go through a huge number of different levels with one goal – to collect the required number of points and go to the next stage. You can win, if you score the minimum number of points for a limited number of moves. The more points, the better, because you have a chance to get better places in the rankings!

The puzzles themselves in Safari Smash hack are nothing special. Before you is a simple variation of the puzzle “three in a row”, where you are only required to move adjacent elements in order to then get a combination of identical figures in the same row. The more items in the combination, the more points you get!

Features hacking Safari Smash mod apk

Safari Smash mod is also ready to please you with a special modification that will appeal to all players without exception! Its essence is to make the game easier and more accessible by providing significant bonuses that will help you to easily and easily overcome all difficult levels in the Safari Smash hack!


Safari Smash mod is a bright and colorful puzzle game for the whole family, from which not only children, but also adults will be delighted. Try to overcome all the levels with the maximum result to become the best player in the whole world!

You can always download the Safari Smash hack to your mobile device, if you use for this free links on the site. Here you can always download only the current version of the game, both in the original and with the modification, which simplifies the passage!

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