School Days Mod + Apk for Android

School Days mod apk is an incredibly fun arcade game where you find yourself in a new school with your own special orders. Feel yourself in the role of a beginner, who just have to get acquaintances before you make your way to the title of King of the School! Becoming a celebrity will be quite a difficult task, but this is precisely the goal of this incredibly interesting game, where total chaos will occur!

Gameplay School Days mod apk

In School Days mod is quite simple gameplay. You travel to different school premises and are free to do anything in them. To do this, use a rather interesting control, which has a standard movement, and the ability to grab various objects with your hands and use them as intended, and at your discretion.

Well, what to do at school in School Days hack – it already depends on you. You can either move along the storyline, and creates complete chaos, fighting with other students and teachers. Another important feature of the game is the ability to play not only for students, but also for teachers, simply by selecting them from the general list!

Features hacking School Days mod apk

The main feature of School Days mod is its modification. To be more precise, this is not even a modification, but just some game change, which immediately opens up all the gaming opportunities for free from the very beginning of your journey through the amazing world of School Days hack!

The result

School Days mod is a very fun game that can charge you with fun and positive all day long. Just go to this game and start creating everything you want. The whole world of the game is in your hands!

And you can start a total madness in a fictional school as soon as you download School Days hack on your smartphone or tablet. The full version of this game is available to you completely free of charge, it remains only to click on the link to start downloading all the necessary files to your mobile device. Enjoy your fun school adventures!

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