Sea Battle 2 Mod + Apk for Android

Sea Battle 2 mod apk is a continuation of the classic sea battle for mobile devices, which offers you even more cool chips and interesting features. As before, you can take part in exciting battles on paper against artificial intelligence, as well as against other players. But you will also have access to extended sea battle and the ability to change the appearance of all the ships!

Gameplay Sea Battle 2 mod apk

Sea Battle 2 mod follows the rules of sea battle on paper. Before the start of the game, players place their ships in a small field. Then take turns shooting at the cells. If the projectile hits the ship, the player moves until he misses, then the turn is passed to the opponent. The winner is, accordingly, the player who first sunk all the enemy ships!

In Sea Battle 2 hack, there are also multiplayer battles both via Bluetooth and online. Also, your attention is an extended naval battle using various additional weapons and aircraft. For victory, you will receive coins that you can spend on acquiring a new look of ships.

Features hacking Sea Battle 2 mod apk

Sea Battle 2 mod is a simple game in itself, so there are no modifications for it. Moreover, the game is essentially a multiplayer, so that in the future there is no chance of the appearance of dishonest modifications. Enjoy the original gameplay Sea Battle 2 hack, which in itself is very interesting!


Sea Battle 2 mod is a worthy continuation of the classic, which suggests you to play the old game with some innovations. Choose your mode, pick your opponents and try to win using wit and luck!

The most important thing is that you can download Sea Battle 2 hack for free and without any restrictions. So that you can play against other players online, here you can find only the current version of the game, which can be downloaded from the links provided!

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