Shadows of Kurgansk Mod (Miscellaneous) + Apk for Android

Shadows of Kurgansk mod apk is a hardcore survival simulator that will take you to the post-Soviet space, where a certain catastrophe happened and the world died in nuclear fire. You are one of the few survivors, if not the only one, who seeks to adapt in this new world and just survive in it. Embark on a journey through the poisoned lands to find resources for survival and cope with all the difficulties!

Gameplay Shadows of Kurgansk mod apk

Shadows of Kurgansk mod offers you a standard gameplay, the essence of which is to ensure that you hold out for as long as possible, traveling around the vast world and exploring all its secrets. According to the classics of the genre, you start the game from scratch, having only a minimal set of things to start with. Your primary task is to search for items and other things to withstand all the difficulties.

In the Shadows of Kurgansk hack, as in other similar games, there is a crafting system. It allows you to create various things from scrap materials, including new weapons. This is especially important in a world where among the dangers there are various monsters that they dream of how to devour you!

Features hacking Shadows of Kurgansk mod apk

Looking for adventure, not hardcore survival? Then just use the modification for Shadows of Kurgansk mod. It provides you with unlimited resources and introduces other rules, thanks to which you can easily survive all the adversities in the Shadows of Kurgansk hack, just traveling the world and not being distracted by danger.


Shadows of Kurgansk mod is a unique opportunity not only to plunge into a dangerous world, but a world where total devastation reigns and you will need to fight with numerous monsters that resulted from mutations.

To start your survival in this world, you need to use the free links and download the full version of Shadows of Kurgansk hack on your mobile device. Then just install the game and start playing! Discover a brand new world!

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