Shadowverse Mod (Damage) + Data + Apk for Android

Shadowverse mod apk is a fairly simple but addictive computer card game that will delight all owners of mobile devices with excellent duels with other players! Here you have to collect your own unique deck and use it for its intended purpose, hoping for the loss of the necessary cards to counter enemy cards and destroy his hero, which will automatically lead to victory!

Gameplay Shadowverse mod apk

In Shadowverse mod, the rules of the classic card game are applied, where each player has his own unique set of cards that can attack or use different abilities. The players’ task is to place cards on the table in turn, while taking into account the number of available points in order to invest in them. After all, each card has its own number of points, which are required for putting them on the table!

In the Shadowverse hack there are a huge number of cards with different strengths and abilities. The cards have only two main characteristics – health and damage. Take into account the fact that during the attack the opponent’s card also deals you as much damage as its strength, which can even lead to mutual destruction!

Features hacking Shadowverse mod apk

All that offers you a modification for the Shadowverse mod is an increased amount of damage on opponents. This allows you to easily and simply destroy not only the opponent’s cards, but also his heroes. So that you can easily and easily defeat all your opponents in the Shadowverse hack and collect rewards for it!


Shadowverse mod allows you to demonstrate all your skills to properly make decks to defeat opponents not by card power, but by luck and the correct use of abilities. Plunge into the world of cards and try to win for the sake of ratings and prizes!

Download the Shadowverse hack you can always for free. Moreover, the links you will find not only a full-fledged original game with the latest updates for the game against other players, but also a modification for increased damage!

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