Shakey’s Escape Mod + Apk for Android

Shakey’s Escape mod apk is a very fun arcade game in which you have a mission to save the poor cat from prison. Get ready for many hours of humor and gorgeous levels, which, if you do not amuse, or at least make you smile. Save the cat and go along with him a long and difficult path, where you need not only to fight with opponents, but also to solve simple tasks in order to go to the next stage and continue the path.

Gameplay Shakey’s Escape mod apk

In Shakey’s Escape mod is a fairly simple gameplay where you just need to control a cat and perform various tasks. Move freely through the three-dimensional game world and look for ways you can escape and go to the next stage. Each level requires you to perform certain actions before you can engage in combat with the enemy and move on to the next stage.

In Shakey’s Escape hack you will be available to a variety of levels on the path to freedom. Each subsequent stage will be more difficult than the previous one, which will force you to sweat in order to go through more and more new challenges on the way to your cherished dream – to find true freedom!

Features hacking Shakey’s Escape mod apk

In Shakey’s Escape mod is nothing that would require modification intervention. Everything is very simple here, so look for your own way out of any situation and be sure that sooner or later you will definitely find it. Just play Shakey’s Escape hack and enjoy not only humor, but also dynamic gameplay!


In Shakey’s Escape mod is very fun to play, especially if it relates to everything that happens with humor. Help the cat to find the long-awaited freedom, having gone with him a long way through the city, where is full of dangers and enemies.

Download Shakey’s Escape hack for free to your mobile device. Use links without restrictions to always download only the latest version of the game with all current updates and additions for the full gameplay. Enjoy the process of passing and have fun!

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