Sir Questionnaire Mod + Apk for Android

Sir Questionnaire mod apk is an interesting adventure game where you will have the opportunity to visit the darkest dungeons and fight monsters in them. Look for valuable items and other prizes to replenish your collection of things in this game. You are waiting for difficult tests, difficult battles and hours of pleasure from the simplest gameplay that only can be in role-playing games. Can you go through all the dungeons and win? We will see!

Gameplay Sir Questionnaire mod apk

Sir Questionnaire mod is an adventure role-playing game in which you travel to various locations in search of objects. The game is turn-based, each turn you will appear in a new room, where there will be two options. If there is any monster in the room, then you can fight or try to escape. If it is empty, then you can examine the level for any awards or simply go to another room.

Sir Questionnaire hack will please you with different rooms and monsters, with which it will be very interesting to fight. Moreover, you have the opportunity to pump your character and give different characteristics that will help him in the battles.

Features Sir Questionnaire mod apk

The main features of Sir Questionnaire mod are simple gameplay and an interesting combat system. At the same time, the graphics in the game are two-dimensional and pixel, which allows you to feel the atmosphere of the old arcade games, to which this game is literally saturated completely. All this makes Sir Questionnaire hack a great game in its own style.

The result

Download Sir Questionnaire mod or not – the choice is yours. But still it is worth playing this amazing game, especially as the gameplay in it is quite simple to master. And the overall style of the old arcade games will cause you nostalgia for those old times when such games were in the trend.

Download Sir Questionnaire hack is completely free. It’s enough just to download the game to your mobile device and enjoy the full game process that it provides.

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