SkidStorm Mod (Money, Weak AI) + Apk for Android

SkidStorm mod apk are simple arcade races, where you only need to win races against numerous opponents. Choose yourself a suitable vehicle and go to conquer not one, not two, but as many as 24 routes, with their own peculiarities, complexities and beauties. Opponents are also not easy here, because not only artificial intelligence, but other players will fight against you, that they will not give you a victory just like that!

Gameplay SkidStorm mod apk

Actually, the whole process of playing SkidStorm mod is to race against different opponents. Thanks to simple and intuitive control, it’s quite easy to win this game. But this at first! After all, you will fight mostly against other players, which makes it somewhat difficult to win, especially if they are good at playing this game. But do not despair, just work out your skills and be able to compete on an equal basis with the best players!

Well, who else is difficult to play with, there are as many as two modifications to the SkidStorm hack! They change the settings of the AI, making it more simple, and also add to the game an infinite amount of game money, for which you can immediately open all 17 cars and at the maximum improve them!

Features of SkidStorm mod apk

The main feature of SkidStorm mod is not in cars and routes, but in the style and atmosphere of the game itself. Here everything is done as simple and cartoonish as possible, in order to emphasize the atmosphere of fun that reigns in the game itself. Accordingly, the graphics in SkidStorm hack is quite simple and bright, while it remains three-dimensional!

The result

In general, all lovers of fun arcade racing is recommended SkidStorm mod. Here you can recharge the atmosphere of fun and cheer yourself up in victories in fascinating races.

The original version of the game and two modifications to the SkidStorm hack will be available to you completely free of charge and without any limitations! Just download the necessary game files to your mobile device, install and enjoy the gameplay at any time!

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