Sky Chasers Mod + Apk for Android

Sky Chasers mod apk is an amusing platformer-style two-dimensional pixel arcade game where you control some fantastic aircraft and help the main character collect rewards, overcoming obstacles and not falling into the traps. You are waited by the tremendous game world which suggests to pass rather difficult labyrinths to reach the purpose and to earn as many points and awards as it is necessary for superiority in a local rating!

Gameplay Sky Chasers mod apk

In fact, nothing difficult in Sky Chasers mod. You just need to click on the screen in the right direction so that your device moves in different directions. But it is worth being attentive, as thoughtless flight through can end badly for you. Among the dangers of the game world can be identified spikes on surfaces, water and various traps that must be overcome for the main prizes.

In Sky Chasers hack there is a checkpoint system that still needs to be activated for proper operation. So you should manage your transport very carefully so that instead of activating the save you don’t fly into another trap that will drop you to the beginning of the current level!

Features hacking Sky Chasers mod apk

Thanks to the modification for Sky Chasers mod you can get really strong bonuses that will help you in the further passage. Use them wisely to easily overcome even the most difficult stage in Sky Chasers hack. And such stages will definitely come across throughout the game!


Sky Chasers mod – a quality two-dimensional arcade game that will surely not let you get bored with your trials. It is difficult to play, but very fun! This is ideal for those players who are looking for a very active entertainment that cheers and will not allow to relax at the same time.

Sky Chasers hack is possible without restrictions and absolutely free. Just follow the links and download the full version of the game, which is available not only in the original, but also with a modification that provides cool bonuses!

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