Slendrina: The Cellar Mod + Apk for Android

Slendrina: The Cellar mod apk – this is a terrible horror arcade game in which you have to descend into a dangerous dungeon, where a creature dwells in the maze, capable of quickly killing all uninvited guests. Your task is to collect the necessary books that are stored in this dungeon. Get ready to wander through the long corridors, where it is important to listen to any suspicious noise, so as not to fall into the trap!

Gameplay Slendrina: The Cellar mod apk

The process of playing Slendrina: The Cellar mod consists of wandering around a dark dungeon, which is illuminated only with the help of your flashlight. You have to find a certain number of books and successfully escape from this terrible place, but first you need to explore the labyrinths and search for rooms in them where all the books you need are stored. The main thing – do not forget the way back!

In breaking the Slendrina: The Cellar hack is not so simple, because this is a real horror adventure! In the dungeon you will resist the eerie ghost, who by all means will try to quickly get rid of the uninvited guest. A “get rid” in the concept of this ghost – is to drive you into a trap and kill! So be careful and attentive.

Features hacking Slendrina: The Cellar mod apk

In Slendrina: The Cellar mod is a very simple gameplay in which you yourself can figure out without problems. Just move through the corridors, explore the rooms and pick up books! So no modification will be useful to you to play the full version of the Slendrina: The Cellar hack!


Slendrina: The Cellar mod allows you to enjoy an incredibly scary atmosphere, traveling through gloomy dungeons and avoiding the encounter with a creepy ghost. Turn around often so that the attack of the ghost does not come as a surprise to you!

Download Slendrina: The Cellar hack you can always and absolutely free. Download the links only full version of the game with all the features that will be available to you always and everywhere. In general, enjoy the gameplay and get genuine pleasure (or horror) from it!

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