Smashy City Mod (Infinite money, everything is open) + Apk for Android

Smashy City mod apk is a fun action arcade game where all you have to do is destroy the virtual three-dimensional city, choosing a monster to your liking and starting your chaos as soon as you appear in the game world. Try to level the whole city, earning for it as much money and points as you need for primacy in various ratings. It’s not so simple here, so it’s worth saving your monster from the police and military, who are able to damage it!

Gameplay Smashy City mod apk

In principle, in Smashy City mod is nothing complicated. Your task is only to destroy urban buildings and crush cars. Each monster has its own strength, so this fact should be taken into account. Unlock all the monsters can be, if for this accumulate the required number of virtual coins that you will receive for their crimes. Also, you will receive points that in this game are not the last value!

In Smashy City hack there will be difficulties. For example, you will be confronted by the police and the troops, which are capable of causing a lot of damage to the monster, which will stop your attempt to destroy everyone and everything. But on the other hand, you will fill a strip of rage, activating that you can cause tremendous damage in the right place!

Features hacking Smashy City mod apk

Modification for Smashy City mod simply offers you an unlimited amount of money and full unlocking of everything in the game. This means that you can simply enjoy the gameplay in Smashy City hack, playing without any restrictions or other difficulties that could spoil your gaming experience.


Smashy City mod allows you to realize your monster ambitions and destroy to the ground the whole virtual metropolis, traveling through it and destroying everything that is in your way. One has only to beware of armed opponents that can quickly calm your monster!

Download Smashy City hack for free, using the links on the site. On them you will be able to download not only the full original, but also a modification for it!

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