Soccer Stars Mod + Apk for Android

Soccer Stars mod apk is a very simple arcade soccer game in which a very unusual representation of a popular sport awaits you. There are no world celebrities, challenging coaching or realistic matches. Before you, there is only a set of chips, which are the players who must be pushed all over the playing field in order to score the desired goal against their opponents. Defeat all the players and become a champion!

Gameplay Soccer Stars mod apk

In Soccer Stars mod is simple enough to play. After all, the essence of the game is to choose the direction and force of the push to send the chip to the specified place. At the same time, it is necessary to push so as to be able to hit the ball, which should fly in the direction of the opponent’s goal. In this step-by-step mode, the whole game will take place, so do not expect any realism or the rules of normal football.

In the breaking of Soccer Stars hack you can play alone or against other players. In the second case, you can take part in these championships, where the main prize will be a huge amount of points, that you will immediately be credited to you and you will be able to rise in the overall rating.

Features hacking Soccer Stars mod apk

Unfortunately or fortunately, but Soccer Stars mod can offer you only original gameplay without any modifications. In principle, they are not needed in this game, because even so fun and interesting to play in the Soccer Stars hack, especially against other players or your friends!


Soccer Stars mod is a rather unusual arcade game in which football is presented in a slightly different form. Nevertheless, playing this game is quite interesting and fun, especially if you play with friends!

To start your journey to the heights of sports, you need to at least download the Soccer Stars hack on your mobile device. And to do this is very, very easy! Follow the links and download the full version of the game for free. Launch it and immediately start your game against AI or other players to choose from!

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