Sonic 4 Episode II Mod (All Open) + Data + Apk for Android

Sonic 4 Episode II mod apk – new adventures of Sonic, which will please you even more. If you really miss your favorite hero, then do not waste a minute and start the game right now. You are waiting for new adventures and acquaintance with a new character. The main character can not be sent to the task of one and this is about taking his true friend with him. But who he is, you can find out by downloading the game.

Gameplay Sonic 4 Episode II mod apk

In this part of the Sonic 4 Episode II mod Sonic off to go to the Little Planet, along with his friend. Dr. Eggman again developed a sinister plan and is going to embody it. He wants to create an egg of death around the planet that can destroy it. The professor knew that you would not just let him realize his plan and was waiting for you to visit. Be careful, because he is very cunning.

In Sonic 4 Episode II hack, as in previous versions of the game, Sonic will have to overcome a difficult path to get to the professor. Also along the way you will have to collect gold rings and click on objects. But here a new test has appeared and it is so easy to visit you will not miss. Here you have to think hard to overcome the difficulty. So good luck to you!

Features hacking Sonic 4 Episode II mod apk

The game Sonic 4 Episode II mod many features, but the main thing is that everything is unlocked. Use this feature to maximize to get closer to the goal. Every minute of the Sonic 4 Episode II hack you will not check, so do not yawn. Sonic will have several lives, if you lose, you can try again.


Sonic 4 Episode II mod is an exciting game that will help you have a good time. If you are looking for something to take your free time, you can feel free to download this game. Here you are waiting for not only new obstacles, but also new characters with whom you will interact. Do not forget to invite your friends, because it will be more interesting to play.

So that the game Sonic 4 Episode II hack has always been with you, it is enough to install it on your mobile device. To do this, connect to the network and click on the install button. Within minutes you can plunge into the virtual world and enjoy the legendary game.

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