Sonic CD Classic Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Sonic CD Classic mod apk is a mobile version of the classic arcade about the fastest hedgehog in the whole universe, which will tell you more about the struggle of Sonic and his friends with the evil Dr. Eggman! Travel through the huge colorful locations, trying not to slow down to overcome the most dangerous traps and get to your goal. In the end, fight with your enemy and be sure to defeat him!

Gameplay Sonic CD Classic mod apk

In Sonic CD Classic mod the gameplay remains the same as it was many years ago. You just need to run through the locations, overcoming obstacles and avoiding dangers on your way. Your goal is to reach the end of the level, so you shouldn’t be too distracted by enemies who will try to stop you every now and then. Just run, collect gold rings and try to get maximum points at the end of each level!

In the case of the Sonic CD Classic hack, scoring is done, so that each player has the opportunity to score as many points as necessary for the championship in various rating lists. Try to score the necessary number of points to take, if not the first place, then closer to the top of the list!

Features hacking Sonic CD Classic mod apk

For Sonic CD Classic mod, there is no modification of hacking, which will please all fans of exclusively original games. And in principle, the modification is not necessary for this recognized masterpiece. After all, it is much more interesting and fun to go through all the levels on your own in the breaking of the Sonic CD Classic hack than to use dishonest tricks!


Sonic CD Classic mod is a great opportunity to return in time and try to play the immortal classics. Only this time you can play anywhere and anytime, because everything will be on your mobile device!

Download Sonic CD Classic hack without restrictions on your mobile device, to always be able to play your favorite childhood game. Follow the links, download the game, install and enjoy the gameplay with all levels for free!

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