Sonic Dash Mod (Lots of Rings) + Apk for Android

Sonic Dash mod apk is another runner that will take you into the Sonic universe, where you have to play for the hedgehog and help him overcome all the difficulties on his way. Collect rings bypassing obstacles and traps, and also fight with Dr. Eggman and his army of robots. Gather together Sonic’s friends and go with them on a long journey through the unique world of the game, moving from one location to another!

Gameplay Sonic Dash mod apk

Sonic Dash mod is a standard runner in which you just need to run and collect the gold rings that act as the local currency here. Among the dangers at each level are various traps, obstacles and attacks of Dr. Eggman. Avoid all these dangers to survive and conquer! In addition to Sonic, you can also play for his friends, whom you will open as you progress through the stages.

In Sonic Dash hack is quite a nice three-dimensional graphics, in the style of other games and cartoons. In addition, here you can feel the atmosphere of old arcade games, but in a new manner. In any case, in this game you definitely hardly get bored!

Features hacking Sonic Dash mod apk

Get as many rings as you need to play Sonic Dash mod without limits! With the help of a special modification, you will get all that you always wanted to get in this game, because you no longer need to save the rings during the passage of the next stages in breaking into Sonic Dash hack. Just play and enjoy the gameplay!


Sonic Dash mod is a game for those who love exciting adventures and cool runners. Here you can take part in the next adventure of Sonic and fight with his worst enemies while jogging in various locations that have their own difficulties and dangers.

Download Sonic Dash hack to your mobile device and enjoy the gameplay. After all, you can always download the game for free on the links, while there is a choice of both the original and a special modification, which provides additional rings for free.

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