Sonic Forces Speed Battle Mod + Apk for Android

Return to the Sonic universe with the help of a new arcade Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle mod apk, which is a fascinating and crazy race for a variety of routes and worlds. Choose your favorite among Sonic’s friends and go on an exciting adventure consisting of different competitions, on which you must demonstrate incredible stamina and speed. Do you think you can achieve high results? Then welcome!

Gameplay Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle mod apk

Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle mod is an arcade race in which you compete with other characters for the championship on the track. In addition, in fact, the run itself, the game also contains various gains and bonuses, which now and then will come across to you during the race. You can use them to bring yourself closer to victory or harm your opponents.

Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle hack will please you with different modes, crazy trails and an exciting storyline where Sonic and his friends will again have to face Dr. Eggman and his robots.

Features of Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle mod apk

The main feature of Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle mod is its atmosphere. Here it is sustained in the spirit of the old games about Sonic, although the game itself is three-dimensional. All characters in Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle hack received an updated highly detailed design, and the levels are very diverse in appearance and in the gameplay.

The result

Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle mod is an excellent part of Sonic’s game universe, which gives you something for which the world and loved this series of games – crazy races in different locations. In this case, it is not necessary to play for Sonic, because there are other characters for whom you can play in this game!

Download Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle hack can be completely free, so that you can enjoy a full game process without any fee in just a few clicks. Download the game on your mobile device and enjoy the game in the company of Sonic and his friends.

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