Sonic The Hedgehog Mod (All Open) + Apk for Android

Well, it’s time to touch the living legend and the classic arcade game, which long ago conquered millions of players from around the world! Meet Sonic The Hedgehog mod apk on the screens of your mobile devices! This is all the same first honor of the legendary series of the game, which was carefully transferred to mobile devices so that you could once again plunge into childhood and go through the blue hedgehog with those glorious adventures that many years ago!

Gameplay Sonic The Hedgehog mod apk

Sonic The Hedgehog mod is a classic arcade game in which you need to control Sonic and help him overcome obstacles all the way. The game combines a runner and a platformer, allowing not only to run through a huge two-dimensional world with obstacles, but also to fight with numerous enemies that one way or another will interfere with your progress.

The main goal in breaking into Sonic The Hedgehog hack is to put an evil doctor Eggman to activate his entire army of robots and harm the whole world. To do this, overcome the path to a dozen levels, so that in the end you will fight with your enemy and emerge victorious, because you are the unbeatable Sonic hedgehog!

Features hacking Sonic The Hedgehog mod apk

To go through all the stages in Sonic The Hedgehog mod, you need to purchase levels. But you don’t have to do this at all, because you can always use the free alternative in the form of a modification, which opens up all levels and gaming opportunities in the Sonic The Hedgehog hack for your pleasure and full-fledged gameplay!


Sonic The Hedgehog mod is a good old game that only received an improved soundtrack compared to the console original. For the rest, from the stylistics to the levels themselves, nothing has changed!

In order to touch the legend, simply download the Sonic The Hedgehog hack on your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to do this with the help of this site, because there is already stored the full version of the game for you, with all the unlocked features and levels!

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