Space Grunts Mod + Apk for Android

Space Grunts mod apk is a game where aliens arrive on your planet. As in most films, here they will not be friendly with you and capture your base. You will need not to get there, struggling with various obstacles. There are many dangers on your way and you will have to deal with them. And here is the first message from the commander, listen to him carefully.

Gameplay Space Grunts mod apk

In the game Space Grunts mod you will meet with alien creatures who wish you only evil. In just a couple of minutes, they were able to capture your planet and very soon want to destroy it. You only have a few days to pack up and take a look at the planet, or try to free it. Be prepared that it will not be so easy to do.

In Space Grunts hack you will need to get to the main base, where the opponents are located. Previously, she was under your submission, and now it has been captured by aliens and kept in custody your team. You have to go through secret paths, which are located deep underground, but your enemies can get there. Rid the planet of unwanted guests!

Features hacking Space Grunts mod apk

The game Space Grunts mod has no features, but this does not make it any less interesting. Here you will have to give all the best to achieve the desired result. In Space Grunts hack you will need to complete tasks to get a reward. You can spend it on your player, thereby making his ability better.


Space Grunts mod is an exciting game that can brighten up your lonely evening. You can play with your friends and spend time with them. For each battle, except for the money you will receive points. They will raise your position in the rating table, which you can look at at any time. The higher your level, the more opportunities.

Download the game Space Grunts hack is very simple, you need to do one click. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes you can enjoy the gameplay.

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