Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting mod apk – a classic arcade game in which you will battle with a variety of space invaders in two-dimensional space. Your task is to destroy all enemy ships, while avoiding hits, avoiding shots. Actually, this is what you have to do for many levels, where there are full-blown rivals and powerful bosses!

Gameplay Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting mod apk

Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting mod is an arcade shooter with a classic gameplay, where you are waited by dynamic battles with hordes of opponents and powerful bosses on a multitude of levels. Control – elementary, just shoot at enemies and shy away from their shots, moving around the playing field. Particularly worth noting is the battle with the bosses, which really will cause you difficulties if you do not find them an individual approach.

In the game, you can improve the characteristics of your ship. But this requires money, which is extracted from enemy ships. In Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting hack solved the problem with a lack of game currency, by modification, which makes money endless. Play simply and without limits!

Features of Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting mod apk

Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting mod is a tribute to the old arcade slot machines from childhood. The only difference is in the ability to modify the ship, making it stronger and stronger, but otherwise – it’s a classic arcade game. And this is its main feature. Graphics in Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting hack – two-dimensional, but high-resolution with a smooth animation.

The result

If you miss the good old arcades with simple tasks and no less simple gameplay, then welcome to Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting mod! You really should not pass by this beautiful game.

And you can download Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting hack without any restrictions at any convenient time. Just follow the link and download the necessary files for free. Bonus you get an endless game currency, which removes any restrictions in pumping the ship.

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