Space Simulator Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Space Simulator mod apk is a very realistic simulator in which you will launch various rockets into space. And it’s not easy to launch, but to fully control them, as if you yourself are sitting at the control panel of a rocket and taking the necessary actions for a successful take-off, flight and landing. Here you will enjoy not only free game, but also dozens of scenarios, including historical ones with real flights!

Gameplay Space Simulator mod apk

In Space Simulator mod will be available to you a set of missions, each of which has its own tasks, which you need to perform to ensure successful passage. You will start the game with training, which will tell you about all the features of the game, but then you can try your hand at free games, special scenarios or historical missions that in detail recreate this or that important mission in the history of mankind!

In the Space Simulator hack, you can fully control the rocket entrusted to you, by pressing various buttons or controlling the joystick to change the rocket’s flight path. Control here is close to real, so it will be very difficult to cope with the flight of a complex rocket!

Features hacking Space Simulator mod apk

Actually, Space Simulator mod consists of various missions and real models of rockets, so that you will discover all this yourself in the game. For you there will be no modifications, but you can safely unlock all the features and in the original version of Space Simulator hack!


Space Simulator mod is a game for real fans of space and space programs. Where else can you be directly involved in the landing on the moon, the first flight around the Earth and other equally important and well-known space missions?

Download Space Simulator hack for free and without restrictions, using the links on the site. You will download only the full version of the game with all the features and updates to enjoy the original gameplay anywhere and anytime!

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