Splitter Critters Mod + Apk for Android

Splitter Critters mod apk is a very unusual puzzle game, where you will literally cut the game world in order to move its parts and help the alien beings to reach their ship in this way. It sounds, of course, somewhat confusing, but then this is a puzzle! If you understand the game, you just get a sea of ​​emotions and a lot of pleasure from each level passed. And to go through them all – that is another task!

Gameplay Splitter Critters mod apk

The essence of all levels in Splitter Critters mod is that you need to help alien creatures get on the ship. Since these creatures are not stupid, they will not fall into some pits or ram barriers. The fact is that they are also unable to overcome obstacles on their way. To help them, you have to really “cut” the game level in order to be able to move part of the level so that the creatures will pass through a flat area and reach the goal.

In Splitter Critters hack, there are a lot of such levels, and the further you go through the game, the more difficult it will be to encounter obstacles, which causes you to divide the level not into two pieces, but into three or more. Basically, you are not limited in the number of pieces, so think up your own solution!

Features hacking Splitter Critters mod apk

Splitter Critters mod is so simple in its mechanics that you just have to download it and enjoy all the levels and possibilities without restrictions. That is why you can access only the original without any modifications or improvements. Just play Splitter Critters hack and enjoy!


Splitter Critters mod offers you dozens of fun levels where you need to connect the imagination to successfully pass all the tests and get the top prize. The main thing is the fun and pleasure that you get in the game!

Download Splitter Critters hack does not cost you anything. You can use the free links to download the full version of the game on your mobile device and play it as much as you want!

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