Spotlight: Room Escape Mod (Tips) + Data + Apk for Android

Love high-quality quest games? Then try to pass Spotlight: Room Escape mod apk! Here you are waiting for not just regular puzzles, but rather fascinating tasks, where there are no clues and you will have to complete all puzzles in order to get out of the room. But it is worth considering one small nuance – you will have very little time to find the key and get out of this trap! So you have to hurry a bit to survive.

Gameplay Spotlight: Room Escape mod apk

Spotlight: Room Escape mod is a “point and click” game where you need to search for specific items while solving various puzzles. Just click on any item that interests you, and the camera will take you to it! You can see everything in detail in search of hints or solutions. The puzzles in the game are quite diverse, so you will not be bored.

In the case of Spotlight: Room Escape hack it’s important to answer the graphic design itself. The levels are presented in the form of static objects, but they are drawn in great detail, but the most important thing is atmospheric. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mystery and horror, as if you yourself were there!

Features of hacking Spotlight: Room Escape mod apk

Nevertheless, if it is difficult for you to go through Spotlight: Room Escape mod on your own, then you can use a modification that will provide you with a huge amount of hints. Thanks to them, you generally will not be difficult to go through each puzzle and find each item in the Spotlight: Room Escape hack. But does this make the game more interesting?


In Spotlight: Room Escape mod, there is a whole world hacking which, although it consists of several rooms, but rather accurately conveys an atmosphere of fear, horror and complete hopelessness. However, still do not give in to these feelings, but rather look for a way to get free!

Download the full version of Spotlight: Room Escape hack, you can always free of charge and without limitations, using the links and downloading the version that suits you best. Try modification if it’s hard for you to play!

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